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Graphic Design

Graphic design is the use of visual and textual content to relay information rather than using voice. It is the most used and appreciated form of communication there is. It is a mode of communication that uses things that are recognizable using the eyes. It can be through images, written text or drawn signs. This […]

How relevant is the Burger Menu Navigation in Web Design?

Testing the burger menu from a User Experience POV The burger menu is shown as 3 lines above each other. It is popular in mobile devices but more recently, desktop websites have adopted this design for the purpose of a minimalist look. It does help that this was popularised by giant web companies such as […]

Websites with a Standard Look – The future of Web Design?

Why do most Websites look similar? Check this bournemouth web design agency for example, and another London web design agency: I have noticed that most websites by design agencies and generally business websites look all too similar. Perhaps with the dawn of themes it has given birth to specific styles which everyone just copies. However […]