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Fort Myers Web DesignGraphic design is the use of visual and textual content to relay information rather than using voice. It is the most used and appreciated form of communication there is. It is a mode of communication that uses things that are recognizable using the eyes. It can be through images, written text or drawn signs. This field is a branch of visual communication.

The graphic designers come up with ingenious ways of representing information by arranging word, images or symbols in different ways.

In graphic design the process of creating the communicating objects/graphics and the end product (the real object/graphic design that is produced) is taken into consideration. All the activities that the graphic designer will follow so as to come up with the right design of the graphic representation are important as the real design itself. Some of the main skills that are employed in graphic design are visual arts, page layout and typography.


There are several areas were the art of graphic design has found some great application and these areas include: Logos and branding, books and magazine publications, billboards, print advertisements, drawings on product packaging, posters and in signs like the road signs.

When it comes to graphic design, the composition is the key and most distinguishing aspect. Every design varies from another in not only the design shape but also in its composites.

In graphic design, almost every design problem share some vital aspects. For example, typefaces will carefully need to be chosen or photographs have to be organized in a thought-provoking way in a layout.

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