Websites with a Standard Look – The future of Web Design?

Fort Myers Web DesignWhy do most Websites look similar? Check this bournemouth web design agency for example, and another London web design agency:

I have noticed that most websites by design agencies and generally business websites look all too similar. Perhaps with the dawn of themes it has given birth to specific styles which everyone just copies.

However I believe that is not a problem. Websites look similar because design patterns exist for a reason, the best designs stands the test over thousands and remain. We learn and copy some from these designs. The layout, colour themes, the flat designs etc.

Similar layouts between website improves the user experience, users want to use what they are familiar with, hence why iPhone users stick to iPhones, and why so many hated Windows 8 which has deviated away from a decade of the same design.

Websites now have a standard look, geared towards improving user experience, simplicity, responsiveness and SEO structured. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and that is why at Fort Myers Web Design Bournemouth, we want to give you the best website, standard, or similar to others or not – you will get the best.

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